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All our staff are thoroughly vetted and handpicked due to their professional decorum, impeccable presentation and genuine passion for hospitality. No matter the occasion, whether it's an exhibition, a corporate event, or an intimate private celebration, Vahanna has got you covered. 

Vahanna's Hostesses

Make sure your guests feel welcomed, cared for, and valued.

Vahanna's hostesses are dedicated to facilitating the seamless execution of your events. Chosen for their exceptional skills and impeccable presentation, they possess the necessary training and industry experience, including guest welcoming and booking procedures. They are committed to delivering the superior service that our clients rightfully anticipate and deserve.

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Vahanna's Promo-Staff

Enhance your business image with qualified ambassadors.

Our promo-staff are meticulously handpicked to serve as the vibrant ambassadors your business deserves. With a clear understanding of your event's purpose, they interact and engage with guests, enhancing your business image. Our staff have the necessary training and substantial experience in corporate and entertainment events.

We offer a diverse portfolio of professional models throughout the UK. Our primary goal is to make sourcing and booking models as easy as it should be for our clients so they can focus on their event details, confident in our provision of top-quality staff.

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Vahanna's Catering

Get chefs, waiters and bartenders for your guest's pleasure.

Our curated selection of chefs, waiters, and bartenders are professionals with extensive experience in the hospitality industry, ensuring your guests are treated to exquisite food and impeccable service. Each member are trained to handle events of all scales, from corporate gatherings to grand entertainment galas, always prioritising your guests' pleasure.

Vahanna's Photographer

Make lasting memories by capturing the best of your event.

Our photographers are experts at encapsulating the spirit of your event. Selected for their artistic talent and professionalism, they focus on capturing the essence of your event. Their commitment to excellence ensures that every precious memory is immortalised for you to cherish. Securing a Vahanna photographer for your event is just a few clicks away.


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